7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

Are you getting ready for your first trade event? From small-scale events to huge events, trade shows can be an excellent opportunity to promote your company, enhance your brand, and find new revenue sources.

However, the process of getting started with marketing for trade shows isn’t always inexpensive. After the fees for exhibitors as well as other costs associated with the particular event you’re planning to attend, you’ll have the cost of having displays designed and printed, purchasing booths, and even event-specific logistics.

This is why numerous small and new businesses that could gain a lot from trade shows have given up on the chance and opted for options that offer less upfront costs, like direct mail or traditional direct sales.

There are plenty of methods to make your first trade show less costly. One of them is to rent your booth instead of purchasing an exhibit. This strategy reduces expenses, relieves stress, and offers a smoother and more reliable experience at your first trade event.

Below, we’ve listed seven reasons to rent an exhibit rather than buy at your first trade show that range from the savings in money you’ll get to the ease of logistics with low costs over the long term and the possibility for you to “test your waters” before committing to marketing your trade show.

Renting Can Make Your First Event Cheaper

Trade shows are great marketing opportunities from an ROI perspective. However, the initial cost associated with participating in an event can be substantial. From registration and floor space, rental costs to accommodation, travel, and so on, making an initial budget for your trade show could put a lot of financial strain on your company.

Include the expense of a customized tradeshow display into the budget, and it’s not difficult for a show to appear excessively costly, even though it’s a fantastic chance for your company.

If you rent your booth instead of purchasing it, you will significantly cut down the expense of exhibiting at your first trade show, and allow you to maximize your return on investment while avoiding the biggest obstacle for small exhibitors in business.

When You Rent You Can “Test The Waters” Before Committing

Since renting a tradeshow exhibit is less expensive than purchasing the exhibit yourself, it gives you the chance to “test the waters” and test the marketing of trade shows before committing as a component of your marketing and sales strategy.

When your very first trade fair is a hit then you’re able to make a move and upgrade your existing exhibit rental to a custom-designed booth that you design and build. If your first trade show isn’t an overwhelming success then you can cut down on your expenses and avoid investing huge amounts of money into a marketing channel that isn’t the best fit for you.

This additional flexibility means that renting a booth is an excellent option when you’re looking to exhibit at trade shows, but you’re not convinced enough to take the plunge and put money into an exhibit that you design and build on your own.

Rental Exhibits Are Offered in a Range of Sizes

Contrary to what you believe they aren’t just the boring, dull 10-foot by 10-foot models most people imagine. Trade show rental booths are offered in a variety of size options, which makes it simple to pick a booth that is suitable for your needs and your company’s image.

From small but efficient 10’x10′ booths to massive 50’x50′ models we provide booths to rent in a wide range of sizes. We also provide large booths that can be customized to fit your needs like 10’x30′.

This provides you with a tremendous amount of choice and flexibility much more than what people think when renting the booth at a trade show. From the width of the floor to the overall area, rental exhibits are much more flexible and customizable than many people imagine.

Renting Your Exhibit Means No Long-Term Storage

A custom trade show booth gives you an advantage over your competition, however it comes at a price.

In between events, you’ll likely require an area to keep your booth. If you attend only just one or two events each year, that means your booth may be stored for a long time between use as a marketing asset.

Renting an exhibit allows you to get rid of the bulk of storage costs for long-term use in addition to the hassle of sending your booth to a storage service. Instead, your booth will be delivered when you need it, and without the cost of stress, and other inconveniences of keeping your exhibit over the long term.

It’s Simple to Modify The Booths You Rent For Trade Shows

Contrary to what you might think the truth is that rented trade show exhibits are incredibly easy to modify and transform your exhibit rental into something that is completely matched to your company’s image.

From standard graphics to LED displays, countertops as well as touch screens. There are many different customizable components to the booth. In reality, trade show rental booths have nearly as much flexibility for customization as a unique booth designed specifically for your needs.

This means you can display exactly the image you want with no expense of building your booth entirely from scratch. Everyone, even your most formidable competitors, will be aware that the booth you’ve chosen to use isn’t your design.

Rental of Trade Show Exhibits Businesses Also Offer Additional Services

Between your exhibit to your staff, there are many things that you must stay on top of – things that can quickly become overwhelming and take your attention away from marketing and focusing on “running your show.”

If you choose to hire an exhibit rental service, you’re not only getting a rental display. From logistical assistance to dismantling, assembly as well as storage. You’re receiving a wide range of solutions that can make your first trade fair an easier experience.

For those who are new to the industry, this type of service can prove extremely beneficial. Instead of managing 10 tasks simultaneously, you can concentrate on managing your exhibit and making the most of your chances while your other part of the event is handled by your exhibit rental company.

A Booth Rental Makes Your Event Less Stress-Inducing

In the end, renting the booth you have is a certain way to ease the stress you feel when you attend your first trade show.

Instead of getting up at 5 am to set up your booth, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your team is in control, which allows you to focus more of your time taking advantage of the experience. Instead of directing the project for a long time and months, you can focus solely on your marketing plan.

Instead of fretting about what your booth’s design will be after it’s done, focus on your sales pitch while a team of experts develops and designs your display for you.

The result is a more relaxing experience that will help you generate leads, make more sales, and make the most of your first trade fair as an exhibitor.



7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth

7 Reasons to Rent An Exhibit Booth