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Why Rent? You will be able to enjoy the custom look and feel of a purchased custom display at 1/3 the cost.

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Our exhibit design process begins by discovering your vision and objectives for your upcoming show. Through a series of questions, we’ll help you define the parameters of your design and create a virtual representation of your perfect exhibit using CAD software.


Once the design is finalized, we’ll assemble your exhibit in our staging facility, incorporating full-color graphics and providing you with a virtual walk-through to ensure your satisfaction. With your final approval, we’ll carefully pack your graphics, hardware, and lighting for shipping to the show’s advanced warehouse or directly to the site.


Our installation team will be on-site to assist with placing all of your freight at your booth space and install your booth to your satisfaction. As part of our service, we’ll wipe down your exhibit the night before or the morning of the show and provide one complimentary vacuuming.


We’re committed to ensuring your exhibit is a success and will be there to support you every step of the way. Don’t go anywhere, there’s more to come!

Our customer service management team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We will stay in touch with you or your designated representative to address any challenges that may arise. Rest assured, you’ll have their personal cell phone numbers should you need to get in touch.


During your show, we understand the importance of letting you run your business without any interference. Our team will not bother you or your customers unless you request our assistance. No inordinate amount of “drive-byes” to distract from your business.


At the end of the show, we’ll check your containers to ensure timely dismantle and packing. We will coordinate with your shipping instructions to guarantee your property is delivered to its proper destination.


Once everything is completed and the show is a success, we’ll ask for your feedback on our products and services so that we can continue to improve and serve you even better next time.

Inline Exhibits

As you consider your tradeshow exhibit and whether or not you should repair or replace your display, ask a few key questions:

Island Exhibits

As you consider your tradeshow exhibit and whether or not you should repair or replace your display, ask a few key questions:

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