Why You Should Have an Exhibit at a Trade Show

Why You Should Have an Exhibit at a Trade Show

If you exhibit at a trade show it gives your company the chance to stand out. The US alone has over 13,000 trade shows each year. Over 11 million attendees attend the shows from all over the East Coast to the West Coast and all over the world. Consider the exposure you can gain by going to one of these events. If you’re in a position to attend several shows you’ll be able to enhance your exposure even more. If you have that type of face-to-face interaction with a variety of potential clients, how many prospects are there to be found?

The Reasons to Exhibit at a Trade Show

There are many reasons to go to trade shows with a customized exhibit. There are numerous advantages that go beyond merely identifying new customers and interacting with other attendees.

A few of the most compelling reasons to show are:

Brand awareness and visibility increased.

  • Lead generation.
  • Market research.
  • Establishing connections & building relationships
  • Cost-effective marketing.
  1. Increase Brand Visibility and Brand Awareness

In any event, there will be thousands of people strolling about. During the trade show and depending on how big it is, you can even find thousands of exhibitors similar to you. The creation of a well-branded exhibit will draw attention to the people who attend. Attendees at trade shows are searching for a niche in the industry that you might fit into this category. This vast crowd will be full of potential customers and opportunities to showcase your services and products. Additionally, you’ll be able to meet with industry experts keep up to date with the latest trends, and also put your name on the map.

  1. Lead Generation

An event like a trade fair is an ideal venue to build leads. Your brand is showcasing its products and services with the aim of making people aware of what you can provide. A few people might of heard about you for the first time at the trade show and be interested in collaborating with you. These leads could quickly transform into customers in time. Even if they are just leads, they’ll have a good idea about you and might be able to share your name with other people. It’s a win-win.

  1. Market Research

How better to find out about the latest trends and opportunities than being in the middle of them? You’ll be able to observe what your competitors are doing and find out what’s trending (and maybe, not so well-known). This is a great chance to hear feedback from your customers, prospects, and experts in the field. Find out what you’re doing well, what you could do to improve, and where you could be off the target completely.

  1. Building Relations

Connections are made everywhere you go when you are exhibiting at trade shows. From other industry professionals that are exhibiting, to people who are making their rounds, there are a lot of people you can get acquainted with. This is an excellent networking opportunity, and you must make the most of it. You will not only have prospects, but you’ll likely meet with existing customers as well. Don’t just produce brand-new leads. Instead, engage with your existing customers and develop existing relationships.

  1. Cost-Effective Marketing

Participating in trade shows is a must as part of your budget for marketing. It’s also very economical. If you require an individual exhibit booth for a trade show or lease exhibit, the costs are low compared to other advertising campaigns. The potential clients are a wider public. With the amount of people you’re able to reach and the ROI exhibits, the expenses are often well-paying off over the long term.

Let Kore Exhibits help with your trade show needs

If you’ve never participated in a trade show before, you should think about the idea. We at Kore Exhibits, can assist you in preparing the perfect exhibition to meet your requirements. With years of experience in the field, we’ve had the opportunity to refine the process and discover what does the trick.